Recycling with state-of-the-art Technology

Cypress takes a big Step into the Future

With a new, highly efficient recycling facility, Cypriot PCC Recycling is now able to convert more than 10,000 tons of plastic waste a year into high-quality plastic pellets. This will considerably reduce the amount of waste on the island, sustainably lowering the impact on the environment.

The first Turn-Key Plastics Recycling facility in Cypress

Using state-of-the-art technologies in the new facility, high-quality recyclates can be created that reduce the use of primary raw materials and are turned into new products such as film and plastic packaging. The range of applications is vast for what is currently the only turn-key plastics recycling facility on the island. In addition to heavily contaminated post-consumer waste (HDPE and LDPE) from domestic waste collection, extremely light and high-volume post-industrial films (stretch film) are also processed.

The processing system of the facility plays an especially important role. Andreas Poullaides, CEO of PCC Waste Management said: “The processing system developed by Lindner washTech gives us a clear competitive edge, as we can produce clean and, above all, high-quality flakes at a consistently high throughput for the downstream extruder. The combination of the Lindner shredder and the perfectly coordinated washing and drying components have thoroughly convinced us.”

Shredding – Washing – Drying

These Lindner Machines are in use

The Micromat 2000 shreds the feed material to a homogeneous grain with a low fines content. A highly efficient washing process is ensured by the perfect coordination of diverse components, such as the Floater pre-washer and the friction washer from the Twister series. In order to achieve the completely clean and dry material that is necessary for extrusion, a modern drying system is installed downstream of the washing components. The waste water is cleaned in the fully integrated water treatment facility, also supplied by Lindner washTech, and then returned to the process, closing the loop. This helps to conserve the island’s valuable water resources.

Andreas Poullaides, CEO of PCC Waste Management


Our new ‘Plastics Recycling’ Business unit was perfectly supported by the LINDNER Project Engineers from start to finish