Successful Recycling with LINDNER WASHTECH

Each new Plant is a Milestone

Discover the vast possibilities of innovative plastics recycling! Companies around the globe rely on the future-oriented facility competence of Lindner Washtech.

Cypriot President Nikos Anastasiadas inaugurates Plastics Recycling Plant

PCC Recycling, a Poullaides Group company, takes an important step towards a circular economy with modern recycling technology. In the newly-inaugurated recycling facility, 10,000 tons of plastic waste can be processed in Cypress every year.

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Turning Milk Jugs into Lawn Chairs

After putting one of the most modern recycling plants for HDPE into operation, Poly-Wood was no longer just a leading manufacturer of outdoor furniture in northern USA, but became a highly efficient plastics recycling plant as well.

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